Most of you know that fashion is where my heart has always been, and always will be. And I'm so excited to share this journey with all of you. I want this brand to be about high-quality garments, trendy fashion & the community... not all about me. Friday Flamingo is about embracing your quirky nature & unique beauty... flocking together & supporting each other... and above all else, enjoying every day like it's a Friday. I feel like all of the "failures" and all of the "wins" I've experienced in business, and my personal life, has led me to this point where I am able to develop the best plus size fashion label & community that New Zealand needs. I'm really proud of that too. So stay tuned, we're only small. With some limited-edition capsule collections which are absolutely brilliant We don't give two Fs about body shape, we give two Fs about living life every day like it's Friday. Sera xx