Tutte Resistance Bands

$49.99 NZD

Our Gorgeous custom printed resistance bands SOLD OUT but are making a come back for summer 2023!

Workout anywhere, anytime with our Resistance Bands!!

You’re no longer tied to the gym or expensive equipment for a great workout.

Our bands are made of Fabric that is softer against the skin, no digging in, pinching or pulling hairs like other bands can.

Our Tutte Booty/Exercise bands have a thick width and inner grip strips. No more frustrating sessions where you’re tugging, holding or pulling your bands. They stay in place during ALL exercises.

Most brands i have found are simply too small for my thighs. So i wanted to create bands that are bigger than what's currently on the market.

Others currently on the market - 32.5cm Length

Ours are 48cm Length & 8cm Width

All our bands are sewn not velcro which makes them very durable.

Each pack contains 3 Bands. They are all the same size but each one is a different resistance. The Bands have three resistance levels: light, medium and high, which are suitable for beginners to train and grow gradually.

You also get a draw string bag so you can have them ready to use anywhere at any time.



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Track and Trace $0-$159 $25.00


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Track and Trace $0-$299 $5.50

Rural Track and Trace $0-$299 $9


Track and Trace $49

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