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When we decided to bring in and sell rope free skipping ropes under the name “Skip Fit”, it was for the simple reason that they were “skipping ropes without the rope”.  Many people find it difficult to jump over the rope when they first start incorporating skipping into their cardio fitness routine, and this product seemed to be a perfect solution.

However, in recent days, there appears to be an issue for some people because of the product’s similarities to the Maori poi and cultural misappropriation.  This simply never occurred to us as the product is widely used around the world for fitness.  We apologise for those who we have upset.

Now that this has been brought to our attention, we have decided to sell our first shipment at a discounted rate, not to re-order the product, and to donate ALL profits from their sale.  I have spoken with my daughter’s Kapa Haka teacher and the school is happy to accept this donation for their group.

If you already ordered at full price - you will be receiving two instead of the one you ordered


Skipping is the ultimate high intensity, fun workout.
It’s been shown that skipping burns more calories than jogging for thirty minutes.
It also greatly improves how efficiently you breathe which becomes beneficial when doing any other physical activity.

★ Skipfit is an amazing tool for beginners who are nervous about using a full skipping rope. There are no tangles, no chance to trip over the rope and it is a much easier exercise on the body and joints